Source Code – Pineapple Jump game project

Pineapple Jump game Documentation

Pineapple Jump game Documentation

Pineapple Jump game Documentation

How to Import the project

A)File Structure

Android projects are the projects that eventually get built into an .apk file that you install onto a device. They contain things such as application source code and resource files. Some are generated for you by default, while others should be created if required. The following directories and files comprise an Android project:Source Code


    Contains stub Activity file. All other source code files go here as well.


    Output directory of the build. This is where you can find the final .apk file and other compiled resources.


Store raw asset files. Files that you save here are compiled into an .apk file as-is, and the original filename is preserved. In this game, this directory stores fonts, images, sounds.


The control file that describes the nature of the application and each of its components. For instance, it describes: certain qualities about the activities, services, intent receivers, and content providers; what permissions are requested; what external libraries are needed; what device features are required, what API Levels are supported or required; and others  Source Code .

B) Drawable Resource

Drawable resource are stored in res/drawable(hdpi,ldpi,mdpi,xhdpi,etc.) folder and some in assets folder

If you want to change icon of game, please replace icon.png in each drawable folder with similar image-size pictures

C) String Resources

All String Resource are store in res/values/string.xml files

If you want to change the Application’name, you can change bouncing bird in string app_name to anything you want.

D) Admob

I have integrated Admob Full Screen and banner ad. Admob Full Screen will display after 2 gameover (if you want to change that number contact me)

Be sure import google-play-services_lib_origin in your IDE

Then replace the advertise ID in Assets/data/PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml

by your advertise ID

E) Change game’s Images (reskin)

images of the games is stored in > Assets > data > Atlases > atlas_ID101.png file

Please keep the file name so that application can work properly

F) Change sounds

Two sounds file are stored at > Assets > data > Sounds >You can freely change,edit the sounds.


Cross AD and More Games

To change te banner in the first screen please go and put your own banner in “assets\data\atlases/atlas_ID101” and change the url of your banner here => Assets => PTModelObjectButtonUrl.0.attributes.xml and replace “” with your own game link
to change more game in the same file “PTModelObjectButtonUrl.0.attributes.xm” change “” with your own google play portfolio link Source Code

This File Is Lock Must Need Password See Fully Video You See The Password

Another Source Code-Source Code Android Studio Game & Password


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