Vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of death!

Vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of death!
Vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of death!

Researchers are finding a link between coronavirus mortality and vitamin D levels. They came to this conclusion after collecting a detailed analysis of Corona patients from 10 countries.

Vitamin D helps boost the body’s immune system, researchers say. It is synthesized in our skin by sunlight. But many people do not want to put the sun on the skin to save. As a result, it is not necessary to have normal levels of vitamin D in the body. This deficit is causing death in Corona.

Deficiency & Symptoms

Vitamin D is a very important ingredient for the body. Lack of it can cause a lot of damage if not treated in time. It is very easily available. So people still do not understand the importance of it. Only a handful of people know how horrible it can be without it. However, if it is lacking, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. But the question may arise how to know if you lack it in the body.

Yes, some of the symptoms of the body will tell you that you are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Find out the symptoms.

Bone and muscle weakness:

Since it is necessary for teeth, bones, and muscles, lack of it can lead to the weakening of bones, muscles, or teeth.

Suffering from depression:

Studies have shown that levels are lower in women who are depressed and suffer from depression.

Severe pain:

Lack of it causes chronic pain in the body.

Chronic gum disease:

Swollen gums, redness, and bleeding are more common in people who are deficient in it.

Having high blood pressure:

In addition to bones, muscles, and teeth, it depends on the heart. So if the blood pressure level rises then it may be lacking.

Fatigue and excessive sleep:

If you do not have the strength to work during the day or if you see frequent fatigue in someone, it should be understood that the level of it in his body is less.

Mood swings:

Happiness hormones play an important role in controlling our mood and the production of these hormones is affected by it.

Decreased endurance:

Studies have shown that athletes who lack it do not produce satisfactory results and have lower levels of energy than other athletes.


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin stored in body fat cells. So overweight people need more.

Intestinal complications:

Those with low levels are more likely to suffer from intestinal fat absorption, celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel disease.


Vitamin D is the most common symptom is an early and extra bother.


Having enough vitamin D in the body reduces the level of allergies at a significant rate. A study of about 6,000 people found that people with low levels of vitamin D were more likely to be allergic.

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