Donald Trump: about 12 wonderful and unknown facts

Donald Trump about 12 wonderful and unknown facts
Donald Trump about 12 wonderful and unknown facts

Who is this Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born in New York in 1948. Dad was a real estate businessman. He himself is successful in this sector. But he has different identities. In addition to being a businessman, she was a longtime sponsor of Miss Universe. It has made a lot of money. Apprentice was the presenter of a reality TV show. Presented wrestling matches.

He now owns a 56-story building, a sports club, and stock-market capital. In all, he owns 900 million worth of assets. The general election was held on November 8, 2016, and Trump won the election. He started his presidency on January 20, 2017.

As a child:

Donald Trump was the 4th of his parents’ five children. He spent his student life on the Jamaica Estate in Queens, New York.

Student life

Donald Trump was admitted to Keu-Forest College from Kindergarten by seventh grade. He was an enterprisingly strong child, his parents sent him to the New York Military Academy when he was 13 years old. The discipline of the school positively created its strength. From the academy he received full social and academic support. Next time he can be a star. From here he graduated in 1964. He then entered Fordham University. And two years later enrolled in a school of financing at the University of Pennsylvania. From here he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1968.

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Business Life:

Trump joined his father, a real estate development company. His father also did business elsewhere. Trump was promoted to president of the company in 1981. At this time his father became the chairman of the board. The name of the team has been given to the name of the tram company. He moved his company to Manhattan. Here he began to establish important connections with influential people. Then you have to join the big building project which will give you the opportunity to earn high profits and gain public recognition. In 1971, the tram business was in question. The federal government has filed a lawsuit against him. His business career was going on.

Media Life:

Trump became the executive producer and host of the 2003 NBC reality show. In it, Trump embarks on a rope battle with the company for high-level management in one of the commercial ventures. Trump hired British TV producer Mark Bullet, in which celebrities compete with nations. To win money for their charities. The trip has appeared in 12 films and 14 television series. And he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Tom Time. In 2006, he received 56 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Source of income:

He’s a member of the Display Actors Guild. And he obtained a one-year annual pension of over 11,000. He’s a comic, flash cartoon artist, and on-line animal artist. He did a talkative radio present referred to as Trumped. The Trump lifestyle has been a staple of hip hop songs since 1970.

Trump does not drink alcohol

Trump stays away from alcohol. His brother was an alcoholic and he died in 1982 for this habit.

Twitter has an average of 67,000 new followers per month

Donald Trump knows very well that it is very important to be active on social media in the current era. Donald Trump gets an average of about 6,000 new followers every month.

Trump had fought for the presidency before.

In 2000, Trump fought for the presidency from the Trump Reform Party. But just before the vote began, he backed away. Even then, Trump won the Reform Party vote in several places.

Books by Donald Trump

  1. Trump Think Like A Billionaire
  2. The Art of the Deal
  3. How to Get Rich
  4. Why We Want You To Be Rich 
  5. The Art of the Deal


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