Solar energy & Solar How does it work?

Solar energy & Solar How does it work
Solar energy & Solar How does it work

What is a solar panel?

Solar energy: Solar panels are often used for some different types of products that produce energy by collecting sunlight. We usually use the phrase that type read the direct conversion into racecourse DC power. Less frequently, people will use the term solar heat collector in reference to, usually hitting liquids such as water, or solar-powered heaters, which directly heat the air.

How does a solar panel work?

Calculations of Solar Power We all know more or less about solar power. But many of us do not know how to make solar panels, charge controllers, and battery for this system. So today I am posting an article on this topic. I will discuss the DC solar system here. Solar panels have a P-N junction. The light at this junction actually generates electricity then. However, how electricity is generated at this P-N junction is not a matter for today. The solar system basically has 4 components.

01.Solar panels from which electricity is generated.

02.Charge controller: It controls the charge of the battery. When the battery is fully charged, it stops charging. Disconnects the load from the battery when the charge is over again. This protects the battery.

03. The battery stores it in electricity.

04.Load: What we use to say load – lights, fans, mobile chargers.

Solar panel: It is a device that can convert direct light energy into electrical energy. It provides D.C. electricity. Solar panels are usually 6, 12, 24, 48 volts. Several common technical aspects of solar panels

There are specifications, e.g.

01.Maximum Power: This means that this solar panel can generate a maximum of 20 watts of electricity.

02.Maximum Voltage: This means that its maximum voltage is 17.6. When given at load.

03.Open Circuit Voltage: The voltage that is available when no load is applied to the solar panel. It is symbolically written as Voc.

04.Maximum Current: This means that the maximum current that can be obtained from here. No-load should be applied which has more current than MaximumCurrent….

05.Short Circuit Current: This means that the current is available when the solar panel is sorted.

06.Maximum System Voltage: This means that when the solar panel is connected in series, its voltage does not exceed the maximum Maximum System Voltage. The maximum voltage here is 600. That means (600/17) = 35 panels can be added to the series.

Now let’s come to the calculation of the solar system

Solar energy :Suppose a person runs 2 lights (10 watts), 1 fan (20 watts). Back up will be 4 hours, then 2 lights – 10 * 2 = 20 watts 1 fan = 20 watts total = 40 watts 4 hours back up – (40 * 4) = 160 watts / hour then battery is required (160/12) = 13.33 or 14 ampere hours.


Solar energy: Lead-acid batteries are commonly used in solar. And the charging current of the lead-acid battery is usually 10%. Then the charging current of the battery of 14-ampere hour is 14 * 10/100 = 1.4 ampere. So the solar panel that will be needed to get 1.4-ampere current – 12 * 1.4 = 16.8 watts so whatever is needed for this solar system.

Solar Panels At Home

Solar power is really a very effective way to avoid extreme problems like global warming. Moreover, the state of electricity in our country, it is better to generate electricity in your own home. The best thing about solar power is that it’s completely free and doesn’t cost much to set up. Solar panels are installed on the roof or outside of the house as per the demand, and regular batteries are installed to get power backup at night. A charge controller is attached to the battery, because if the battery is not overcharged, it is able to give a much better backup. Once the battery is fully charged, no more current flows from the controller to the PV module.

A major problem with a solar cell is that the electricity that comes directly from the panel and from the battery is DC or direct current. But to run almost any appliance including home TV, fan, AC or alternating current; So an inverter is installed which converts DC to AC. Most inverters work automatically. However, some of today’s latest solar modules called AC modules; Where inverters are built-in. In addition, outside solar panels need to be installed properly facing the sun. To set up a complete solar power system in your home, I would recommend hiring a licensed electrician, it will make your work perfect, and you will be able to enjoy electricity for free for the next 15-20 years.

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