What to do if Murder hornet bites?

What to do if Murder hornet bites?
What to do if Murder hornet bites?

We are surrounded by a variety of insects. Mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, Murder hornet, etc. are among them. Mosquito bites you all I endure every day. But if the rest of them were bitten like mosquitoes, there would be no other way but Akkapawa.

Murder hornet bite causes poisoning. It is difficult to find a person who has been bitten and forgotten. However, these poisonous insects do not bite easily unless you disturb them or interfere with their work or damage their habitat. Some Murder Horn Poison is dangerous though. Murder hornet bites in children are more common than in adults.

When they bite, the affected area swells more often than usual (depending on the entry of venom by the insect) and the pain is unbearable. Many people use kerosene, oil, onion juice, bean leaf juice although it is not very effective.

Never try to pinch a bee or a wasp. Because, by pinching or pinching, all the poison comes out of the poison bag and it can enter your body through the sting. But there is no such danger if the bee or wasp is pushed away.

But there is away. Let’s not know how to get rid of pain easily: 

  1. Quickly wash the bite site thoroughly with laundry soap.

2. The affected area becomes quite red hot and swollen and painful. So first press a piece of ice in place. Let cool for a while.

3. Now apply honey and give a light massage

4. Apply a little lime to the bite site.

5. Intense pain begins with the bite of the murder hornet. Apply toothpaste on the affected area for half an hour. It will reduce inflammation as well as Murder hornet poison.

6. Then use some antihistamines. Such as Elatrol, Napa, Histasin, etc. The pain will go down but it will take 2-3 days for the swelling to go down.

7. Consult a doctor.

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