Mother’s Day 2020 Most Important Hidden Information

Mother's Day 2020 Most Important Hidden Information
Mother's Day 2020 Most Important Hidden Information

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Mother’s Day 2020 is celebrated around the world on the second Sunday on May 10. This day has been chosen to show respect and love to all the mothers of the world. To express gratitude to them. But can we really pay off the debts of all the mothers of the world by celebrating this one day? Let’s take a look at the history of ‘Mother’s Day’ without going into that argument.

Mother’s Day 2020 Important Info

Mother’s Day 2020 Important Hidden Information
  1. The first Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1906, Anna Jarvis honored her late mother, Ann Jersey. Ann formed a committee in 18 called Mother’s Friendship Day. His main goal was to unite all families after the Civil War. Even when she died in 1905, Mother’s Day did not become an honorary holiday.

2. This special event is held at Andrews Methodist Church in West Virginia, USA. That church is now International Mother’s Day Shrine. But even then, Mother’s Day was not an official holiday.

3. Anna started the campaign in 1905 to mark a special day for mothers and eventually Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day a public holiday. Even then, however, he did not take over the presidency of the United States.

4. President Woodrow Wilson has decided to celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May each year. But what exactly caused Anna to fight for this special day? Behind him is the story of one mother, the story of another mother.

In 18 Ann Jarvis

5. who was the mother of Anna Jarvis, formed a committee. At that time, he wanted to establish a special day as Mother’s Friendship Day in order to help the families of the men who took part in the American Civil War or whose sons died in the war to help each other.

6. Even before that she organized ‘Mother’s Day Work Clubs’ for working mothers.

7. Anne Jarvis’s dream was to have a special day for mothers. Anna took the initiative to make her mother’s dream a reality and in the end she succeeded.

8.Known and unknown facts about Mother’s Day

9. In 1912, Anna Jarvis combined Mother’s Day and the second Sunday in May to form the Mother’s Day International Association.

10. Mother’s Day since 1914 has become a public holiday in the United States.

11. The United States spends about 14 billion on Mother’s Day celebrations.

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