Elon Musk: Prince of Technology!

Elon Musk: Prince of Technology!
Elon Musk: Prince of Technology!

One man wanted to make current space research more affordable so he founded SpaceEx. Another, he wanted to drive an environmentally friendly electric car he founded Tesla Motors. His dream was to travel by train at high speeds he was establishing a hyperloop (high-speed communication technology). Not only that, but he is also the founder or co-founder of PayPal, the most popular money transaction medium on the Internet today, SolarCity, the dream of changing the world using solar energy, and the artificial intelligence research institute (OpenAI). By now you must have understood who I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about the wonder of today’s world, the established scientist and business tycoon Elon Musk. Let’s not know a little bit about this gentleman.

Birth and childhood:

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. Africa, Canada, and America. She is currently living in the United States. Her mother is a Canadian model and her father is a South African electrical engineer. She lived in Africa until she was 17 years old. Elon Musk’s childhood was a bit varied.He learned programming on his own at the age of twelve and also made a video game.

Education :

As a child, Musk attended local private schools in Africa with his father. He moved to Canada when he was about 18 and studied at Queen’s University. Her mother was Canadian, and she became a Canadian citizen. After two years in Queens, she moved to the University of Pennsylvania. In 1995, Musk moved to California, USA, where he earned a Ph.D. in applied physics. In 2002, Musk became a US citizen.

Business Journey and Career:

He and his brother started their business venture in 1995 through a web software company called Zip2. He owned a 7% stake in the company. In 1999, he launched an Internet-based money transfer system called X.com, which we now call PayPal.It is currently the largest means of internet-based money transactions. PayPal bought eBay in 2002 for about 1.5 billions dollars. 

The companies that change the future of both SpaceX and Tesla, space and road: Musk’s dream since childhood was to change the future of the earth and make it habitable for a long time. He was one of the few people who could foresee the near future disaster. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, low-cost space travel, His dream was to create opportunities for human habitation on Mars. And surprisingly, he has been implementing all this in a very secretive way. Since the launch in May 2002, the rocket manufacturing and launching company Space X.

The rockets made by :

The rockets made by Space X are many times cheaper and more efficient than conventional rockets. With SpaceX, the largest space agency, and NASA, the US government space agency There is an agreement. Falcon 1, 9 Space X’s famous rockets. Tesla Motors, an electric car maker, started its journey in July 2003. After Mask joined Tesla, the company made a fresh start and gained worldwide recognition in a very short time.

In 2007, an edition of the Tesla Roadster sold 2,500 units in 31 countries around the world. Be able to use it. In 2016, Mask bought the Tesla.com domain from a person who had the domain name for about 24 years. Solar City: Elon and his two cousins ​​founded SolarCity, a solar power generation company, in 2006. In 2013, it was the world’s second-largest solar power producer. In 2016, Musk brought it under Tesla. Elon Musk is also, directly and indirectly, involved with other organizations and research.


High-speed communication. This vehicle, which looks like a capsule, can travel much faster than current trains.


An organization that conducts research on artificial intelligence. It started its journey towards the end of 2015.

Neuralink: A research institute on neuroscience. It started its journey in 2016.

The Boring Company:

When Musk saw that Rose was wasting precious time in our lives by getting stuck in a traffic jam, he announced the establishment of a tunnel construction company.

Personal life: was a lot of discussion about career, now let’s talk about personal life. Mask is not so convenient in personal life. He got married twice. Twice with his second wife! I mean three times in total !! Their first child died within 10 weeks of birth. In 2008, he divorced his first wife and became a British actress. Taluyah fell in love with Riley. They got married in 2010. But they got divorced within two years. They got married again in 2013 and divorced again at 14 !!! In 2016, Musk started dating an American actress but it lasted a long time. It did not last.
He is the chairman of the Musk Foundation, which provides free solar energy to devastated areas. Musk donated 1 million to build the Tesla Science Center and 10 million to the Future of Life Institute.

Religion and belief in aliens:

Mask personally claims to be an infidel. He also says that he never prays to God, although he did pray during the launch of the first Falcon rocket from SpaceX. He strongly believes in aliens. 

Some more unknown facts about Elon Musk: –

1. Real Tony Scarc: Elon Musk got a lot of inspiration from Ironman’s Tony Stark. Iron Tue has his cameo, even some parts of the Ironman to film were shown inside his Space X.

2. Like Apple’s Steve Jobs, Tesla Motors’ Mask had an annual salary of only 1$

3. At just 12 years old, Musk made a video game and sold it for 500$.

4. Mask has made space travel so cheap that its cost is now 90% lower than before.

5. In 2016, Musk was selected as the 13th best businessman by Fortune magazine.

6. Mask’s parents used to think that their son was deaf when he was young! Because he would not respond when called from a distance.

7. As a child, he was harassed by the students of his school. He even fainted after being beaten once.

8. He believes that artificial intelligence is the biggest enemy of human beings. He also has an interesting incident with the recently developed robot Sophia. Sophia comments that it seems that he shows extra Hollywood movies !!!

There was a lot more to write. I lost time and patience and kept it limited to that. What I wrote is not less! That’s all today, I will appear in front with more articles.

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