To stay healthy during Ramadan 2020, you must follow 25 healthy and beauty tips


Ramadan 2020:We know that usually sick people stay healthy during fasting and any person can stay healthy if they want. But that must be done after following the correct rules. So if you follow some health and nutrition tips to stay well in this month of Ramadan, which will bring a little change in eating habits and daily lifestyle, you will be in good health as well as ensure nutrition.

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First Ten Tips (Ramadan 2020)

  1. Even if you are in good health, you need to make a list during the month of Ramadan so that your body gets adequate nutrition, water, and rest.

2. Many people do not eat Seheri food during Ramadan, which is not right. Because seheri food is essential to make the fast of the whole day easy and tolerable and to maintain vitality and energy of work. So make sure to include rice, bread, or sugary foods that are slowly absorbed in the diet during this period.

3. Choose healthy light meals and eat foods cooked in a healthier way instead of heavy oily spicy foods iftar. Oil-fried foods should be avoided as eating them can increase cholesterol levels.

4. Those who have a headache or dizziness due to low blood sugar levels during Ramadan can eat 2-3 dates at the beginning of Iftar, so they will feel a little better.

5. Those who always exercise often do not understand exactly when to fast. They can get the exercise done before Iftar. So that you can break your fast shortly after finishing the exercise and hydrate your body.

6. Everyone wants to eat different types of Iftar during Ramadan. But if you want to maintain the health of the body, they should not be eaten every day. One day a week, if you wish, you can eat very little of your favorite food with other balanced meals.

7. Many people tend to eat too much during Iftar during Ramadan which leads to weight gain. So it is possible to have a healthy iftar made with a combination of fruits and vegetables, avoid sweet drinks as much as possible and stay healthy and keep your weight under control while you are busy.

8. In order to stay healthy and functional throughout the day of fasting, one should eat sugary foods in seheri which are digested slowly. Such as rice, bread. As a result, blood sugar is under control.

9. If you have a habit of drinking coffee to avoid headaches or sleep, try to eliminate or reduce it in fasting.

10. Many people live very lazy life during fasting. Resulting in weight gain. So it should be a little operational. Walking a little after iftar to burn extra calories helps digest food better.

Second Ten Tips (Ramadan 2020)

11. Be creative with salads or healthy foods. Create a variety of nutritious and healthy new foods to diversify your diet without eating fried or heavy foods. Eat different salads with different types and colors of vegetables and fruits. This will result in a combination of nutrients and antioxidants that will help keep your body and body cells healthy this month.

12. It is not possible to eat all the food so fast before Iftar Maghrib prayers. So first eat dates, soups, fruits, salads, etc., and then eat other foods after prayers, the food is digested in the middle of this time. As a result, there is no discomfort with eating too much food.

13. Iftar should be chewed slowly over time. As a result, sweets and other foods will not be eaten more.

14. Try to include a small amount of dates, nuts, and dried fruits in your daily diet during fasting which will provide the necessary nutrients for the whole day as well as help the body to stay fresh and vital.

15. Meat, pulses, eggs, dairy products are very good sources of protein. Try to keep any one of these on the daily food list. Because protein is very necessary for the cells of the body. As a result, there is less desire to eat sweet national food.

16. Fasting brings changes in food and activities of daily life. Which can cause constipation. So you have to include fruits, vegetables, pulses, and water in your daily diet and try to stay active.

17. If you want to eat sweet food, make it at home without buying it from outside.Consumption of milk, low sugar, etc. will reduce the amount of calories in food. And if you eat sweet food at the beginning of Iftar, it is likely to fill your stomach and the digestion of food may be delayed. It can also increase blood sugar levels and increase the desire for more sweet foods.

18. A healthy iftar during fasting is very important for good health. It is good to have two dates, a glass of water, any homemade fruit juice, a bowl of hot soup, salad and some amount of sugar like rice, pasta or some food made from potatoes. You can also keep some food made of meat, chicken or fish.

19. Drink plenty of water from the time of Iftar to the time of eating Seheri, at least 8 glasses. However, you should not eat too much at once and eat less and less. Many people drink more water during seheri to stay free from thirst all day but it is not right, it can cause stomach pain or discomfort.

20. Iftar If you want to eat something before going to bed at night, you can eat light food instead of heavy food such as fruit, Sour yogurt, or dried fruit.

Third Five Tips (Ramadan 2020)

21. Starting Iftar with hot soup, after fasting all day, it refreshes your body and prepares the digestive system for digestion.

22. It is better not to eat various salty foods and canned or processed foods, salted nuts, pickles, extra salty foods, etc., because you will feel thirsty all day long after eating these. Also try to reduce the amount of salt in other foods instead of using different vegetables and herbal spices to enhance the taste of food.

23. Keep teeth clean. Brush your teeth after seheri. Also do Meswak before every prayer.

24. Try not to drink tea, coffee, and soda. Drink plenty of water instead. Eat fruit juice instead of chocolate candy.

25. Avoid smoking and get enough sleep. You need 8 hours of sleep.

Keep Roja

Remember that fasting does not harm the body but is good for our body.Applying cream does not break the fast.Try to stay calm during the month of Ramadan.Do not be unnecessarily angry.May Allah accept the prayers and fasting of all of us. Amen.

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