What is Python Programming? Properties, Overview, Install Python And pycharm.

What is Python Programming Properties, Overview, Install Python And pycharm.
What is Python Programming Properties, Overview, Install Python And pycharm.

What is Python Programming?

Python And pycharm: Python is a dynamic programming language that has won the hearts of many developers. There are thousands of engineers from many big companies, including Google, Dropbox, Instagram, Mozilla. Python is a language whose composition style is unique and the expression is extraordinary. This excellent language is spreading today in many directions – Web, Desktop, Mobile, System Administration, Scientific Computing or Machine Learning – stepping into Python all the time.

To be more specific – Python is important to know if you want to develop web applications through frameworks like Django, Flask, Tornado, etc. There are also libraries like Kivy. Nowadays, Python may be the first preferred platform if you want to work on data science and machine learning, and above all, Artificial Intelligence, the basis of much discussed and future technologies. Because, machine learning libraries like sci-kit-learn, data frame libraries like Pandas, calculation libraries like Numpy are all in one word – all for Python.

Originally, Guido van Rasm was working with the Amiba Distributed Operating System Group after three decades. Then he wanted to use an interpreted language such as ABC (note that ABC is a computer language whose syntax is very simple and understandable) that would be able to access the Amiga system call. So he decided to create a new language that would be editable. It started with a new language and was later named Python.

Why Python Name?

Originally from the seventies, Van Rasm was a huge fan of the BBC’s “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” comedy series. And in keeping with this, he named it Python.

Properties of Python

  • Python is straightforward. Keyword usage is relatively low here. Python’s spelling and language structure are also relatively simple, which makes it easy for anyone to master the language.
  • Python is easy to read. Its coding method is very easy to understand.
  • Python’s source code can be easily maintained.
  • Python’s library is a very rich and small size, which supports operating systems like UNIX, Windows, Macintosh.
  • Python has the advantage of interactive coding, allowing you to test and debugging for different types of code simultaneously.
  • It works the same way on a Python portable, that is, a variety of hardware platforms.
  • Almost all types of commercial databases have the interface of Python.
  • Python scripts work better than Shell scripting for large-sized programs.

Overview of Python

  • Python Interactive – When writing programs, the Python prompt can be exchanged directly with the translator.
  • Python Inexperienced Language – Python is a great language for new programmers, as well as its various applications (ranging from simple text processing to web browser or game development).

What can be done with the Python Programming Language?

If you want to work with data science and machine learning, and above all, Artificial Intelligence, the foundation of today’s widely discussed and future technologies, Python will undoubtedly be your first choice platform. Because, machine learning libraries like scikit-learn, data frame libraries like Pandas, calculation libraries like Numpy are all in one word – all for Python.

More precisely, based on Python – you can do web application development very easily through the framework of Django, Flask, Tornado, etc.

Again based on Python Language for desktop or graphical user interface rich software development you have packages like Toolkit like PyQT or packages like Tkinter. There are also libraries like Kivy. And if you want to do game development, PyGame is for you. If you want to work with the Internet of Things (IoT), then you have raspberry pi, or RPi.GPIO. Hardware platforms like this one.

Web applications such as

  • Mozilla
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • PBS
  • Dropbox
  • Search Engine
  • Google

are written with Python.Python And pycharm

How to Install and Run Python?

  • Python is called Cross-Platform Language
  • which means you can easily run it on Windows
  • Linux and Mac os X operating systems. 
  • Now I will explain how to run Python on your own computer (Windows operating system).

Install and run Python on Windows

Go to Python’s official site download Python page and click on Download Python 3.6.5 to download Python.

When the download is complete, double-click on the file and follow the instructions for installing Python.


When the Python installation is complete, a program called IDLE will be installed along with it. This is basically a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows you to run Python code.

History of Python

Guido van Rossum discovered Python at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands between the eighties and nineties.

Python originated from ABC, Modula-3, C, C ++, Algol-68, SmallTalk, Unix shell, and many other scripting languages. Like Perl Programming Language, Python’s source code is available in the GNU General Public License (GPL). Python’s copyright protects the Python software foundation. A core development team oversees Python’s forward-looking / management, where Guido van Rossum, Python’s inventor, plays a key role.

Python And pycharm:

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