Properties and Benefits of 20 Vegetable Vegetables
Properties and Benefits of 20 Vegetable Vegetables

Properties and Benefits of 20 Vegetable Vegetables: The quality of herbs, sad, but despite the fact that we eat fewer vegetables every day, what vitamins are there in any vegetables, what benefits do some vegetables, we do not have much idea about what vegetables should be eaten for the body’s problems.

About the quality of vegetables, the doctor at Dhaka Medical College. Nazmul Hossain said, “We eat fewer vegetables every day.” To keep our health strong and healthy, we should all know the qualities of a vegetable. (Properties and Benefits of 20 Vegetable Vegetables)

Here you will find detailed information about the quality and functional benefits of 20 herbs, which will play a big role in expanding your knowledge of health.

After learning about the pros and cons of 20 leafy vegetables, you will try to eat yourself regularly. Because you can understand how important it is to eat nutritious foods to keep the body healthy. In fact, we know less and have heard that vegetables have many wonderful benefits. And helps to increase body strength, they are available in various types of vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, protein, iodine, phosphorus, sulfur, etc.

But I have no idea at all about one of the main benefits, that is, what kind of vegetables do or does the body do, what diseases should be eaten?

Tomato (টম্যাটো) – টমেটো 

• Keeps the skin healthy and bright. 
• It helps reduce cancer risk. 
• Vision plays a role in increasing the power of energy.


Read Leafy (রেড লিফি) – লাল শাক 

• Prevents and cleanses anemia. 
• It helps improve vision. 
• Strengthens hair follicles.

Read Leafy

Spinach (স্পিনাজ) -পালং শাক 

• Eliminates light pain, osteoporosis, migration. 
• Increases memory and brain function. 
• Increases the body’s ability to withstand various diseases.


Bindweed (বাইন্ডউইড) – কলমি শাক

• It helps to strengthen bones. 
• Constipation plays a role in relieving stiffness. 
• It helps increase strength by overcoming physical weakness.


Cucumber (কিউকাম্বার) – শসা 

• plays an important role in eliminating anemia. 
• Bits of help keep skin healthy, supple and radiant. 
• It helps to protect cardiovascular health.


Hyacinth Beans – শিম, মটরশুটি

• It also plays a vital role in protecting the health of the hair. 
• Reduces cholesterol levels and regulates sugar levels. 
• Eating regular beans helps maintain moisture in the skin.

Hyacinth Beans

Cauliflower(কলি ফ্লাওয়ার) – ফুলকপি

• Solutions to cancer and tumor problems can be found. 
• It helps to improve heart health. 
• It helps the body to become poisonous.


Cabbage (ক্যাবেজ) – বাঁধাকপি

• It helps eliminate bone pain. 
• Cabbage helps to increase immunity. 
• Regular cabbage skin does not age easily on the skin.


Brockley – ব্রকলি

• Repairs damaged skin tissue. 
• Brockley contributes to reducing mental stress. 
• Prevents the effects of sugar and lowers blood sugar levels.


Lady’s Finger(লেডিস ফিংগার) – ঢেঁড়স

• It helps to eliminate blood deficiency. 
• Boosts interest, cleanses the mind and keeps the body cool. 
• Increases the body’s ability to withstand various diseases.

Ladies Finger

Balsam Apple (বোলসাম এ্যাপেল) করলা 

• Inability to reduce high blood pressure. 
• It eliminates worm problems. 
• Vision develops energy.

Bitter melon

Bottle Gourd (বটল গোর্ড) – লাউ/কদু 

• Protects the balance of water in the body.
• Keeps blood pressure under control.  
• Keeps body temperature normal.

Bottle Gourd

Eggplant (এগপ্লান্ট) – বেগুন  

• Keeps diabetes under control. 
• Reduces the likelihood of a heart attack. 
• Keeps the nerve in the brain active.


Arum (অ্যারাম) – কচুর লতি 

• Avoids anemia. 
• Keeps the skin and hair well. 
• It helps to strengthen bones.


Beetroot -বীট-পালং

• It improves liver function. 
• It helps to keep the heart good. 
• It eliminates blood loss in the body.


Turnip (টারনিপ) – শালগম

• It helps to keep the skin smooth. 
• Overcoming physical weakness. 
• Increases the body’s ability to resist disease.


Drum-stick leaf – সজনে পাতা

• Seven times more vitamin C than lemon. 
• Four times more calcium than milk. 
• There is three times more potassium than bananas.

Drum-stick leaf

Carrot (ক্যারট) – গাঁজর 

• It helps to increase body strength and weight. 
• Horse and bile diseases work great. 
• Has a special role in cleansing blood.


Pointed gourd (পয়েন্টেড গোর্ড) – পটল

• Helps digest. 
• Useful for heart disease. 
• Heal’s blood vessels and mucus.

Pointed gourd

Papaya (পাপ্যায়া) – পেঁপে 

• Fatty liver stimulation. 
• Heals stomach upset. 
• Contributes to strengthening the heart.


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