Android Phone 20 Troubleshooting and Important Tips

Android Phone Troubleshooting and Important Tips
Android Phone Troubleshooting and Important Tips

Android Phone Troubleshooting and Important Tips: Read the entire article for more details on 20 Android troubleshooting and tips and tricks.

Mobile phone users who do not use Android phones are now rarely available. Android phones are now gaining much acceptance for people of all ages for various convenient features.

But the problem is that with the Android set, there are many problems with the Android set, except for two days.

And so, in today’s article, we will discuss the solutions to the common Android problems, as well as the ten Android tips that an Android user should know about in order to overcome these setbacks.

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system (OS) created by the Silicon Valley company called Android Ink. Android was first developed by Google under the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) in 2007. The Android operating system is designed and developed specifically for touchscreen mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. (Android Phone Troubleshooting and Important Tips. )

What is an android phone?

The mobile phones or phones that use the Android operating system in Bangla are called Android phones. An Android phone is a powerful, high-tech smartphone and runs on the Android operating system (OS) developed by the Google company.

Although there are other operating systems (such as Symbian, iOS) besides the Android operating system, most mobile phone manufacturers now use the Android operating system.

The latest version of Android:

The current updated version of Android is out in the market on September 3, 2019. Although the latest operating system code name was Android Q, this time the first Google company to break the trend of its official name was Android 10.

Android Phone Problem Solving:

Android phones, which operate call, chat, browse, take pictures, use useful applications, all know that doing so many things at the same time can cause certain problems on Android phones. So to reduce the complexity of the Android phone, here are ten problems of the Android phone and we will discuss the solution today.

  1. The android phone can’t get memory space :

    Android phone users only suffer from this problem. However, to get rid of this problem you will need to remove your phone case file and various unnecessary apps from the phone. For this you can try apps like Clean Master, Case Cleaner, etc. Apps, images, videos or other documents stored in your phone’s memory will increase your phone’s memory even if you put it on your phone’s external memory card.

  2. Android Phone Speed Low :

    This difficulty is greater when playing games for long periods of time. There are some apps, such as set CPU, that you can easily speed up by removing the overlock of your processor. However, it is best not to use these apps more quickly because it also has the ability to destroy the phone’s processor.

  3. Virus Attack on Android Phone:

    We browse the net numerous times through our Android phone almost all day. That’s why Android phones are more likely to be infected with viruses. You can download an updated antivirus on your phone to get rid of this virus attack. Various antiviruses, such as Kaspersky Mobile Security, ABG, etc., are now the most popular mobile antivirus.

  4. The battery charges out fast:

    If your Android phone has many apps running at the same time, if you keep your phone’s data on and off all the time, if you set live wallpaper on your phone, your phone’s battery will lose the charge quickly. However, to get emergency help turn on your phone’s battery-saving mood and reduce the screen’s brightness and brightness. And if you want to keep the battery charged for a longer period of time, keep the data on, keep uninstalling unnecessary apps.

  5. Phone overheating or turning itself off:

    This problem can usually be caused by your phone’s charging system, battery or other phone problems. First you want to check if the charging is done properly, then take the battery off the phone and cool it and then insert it into the phone. If the problem is still not resolved, start using the new battery phone.

  6. Suddenly the Android system hangs:

    If this is the case, unplug the battery from the phone and then restart the phone. If the phone does not have an option to isolate the battery, press the power button on the phone to reboot or restart it.

  7. WiFi not connected:

    You can restart both your phone and the router. Or leave your phone in airplane mode for a minute and connect to WiFi again. If this still does not work, click on WiFi> Settings> Menu> Advanced> Stay connected to WiFi, and you will get the connection.

  8. System UI does not work:

    This problem occurs when your phone’s system user interface stops working. Restart your phone for emergency resolution or go to Settings> Apps> All Apps, delete all case files and restart the phone again.

  9. Google Playstore Crash:

    Many times it appears that the Play Store has crashed while you are working with the Play Store. All you have to do is go to the setting and click on Apps, then All Apps then click on Finale Clear All Case and Data in the Google Play Store.

  10. Not downloading:

    Android has its own download manager, for some reason if it gets corrupted, then there is a problem downloading something from the net. However, to solve this problem, click on Settings> Apps> All Apps> Clear All Case and Data.

Android Tips:

  1. Android phone Uninstall or disable the apps you don’t need.
  2. Remove the unnecessary widgets or icons on the phone’s home screen and clean the home screen altogether.
  3. Reduce the animation, live wallpaper of your Android phone as much as possible. You can use image wallpapers instead of living wallpapers.
  4. Empty the phone’s in-built storage space as much as possible. Remove pictures, videos and more from your Gmail account from your phone.
  5. Always charge your phone between 0% and 5%. Charge the phone below the 5% level and actually charge the phone and unplug it from the charger as soon as it is charged 5%. Never charge your Android phone a hundred percent.
  6. There are many apps that have Light Version available, such as installing Facebook, Messenger, emo, etc. Your phone’s space will not be as low as the phone’s speed.
  7. Delete all background phone tasks, or remove them all day. They also make your phone work unnecessarily.
  8. Phone system memory will be cleaned twice or thrice daily. For this you will find many, conveniently downloaded.
  9. Regularly update all software on the phone.
  10. Occasionally, reset the phone by backing up all the data on your Android phone.

Every Android phone is a multitasking device. These phones often face some problems due to their prolonged use of Android phones.  

” Learn more about troubleshooting Android phones. Hopefully by reading today’s article you can easily solve many problems of your Android phone from now on”.

Note: More Info {Android Phone Troubleshooting and Important Tips}

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