Win not through arguments but through works

Win not through arguments but through works
Win not through arguments but through works

Win not through arguments but through works: Winning through work rather than winning through arguments is the characteristic of successful people. This is the real work of intelligence. Until now, as many people in this world have lived as legends to the common people, they have all worked tirelessly and won the work.

Who does not want to be successful? Who does not want to go to a good position? Everyone dreams of growing up, everyone wants to roam happily by earning enough. But when the question is, are we moving that way, working hard, stepping in the right direction? Very few people will be able to answer such questions, and they will one day be successful. Have you ever done a case study on those who have succeeded in the past, who are in the present, and those who will step into higher positions in the future? Do you have any idea about their biography? How have they been successful? They conquered many hardships, but how? Only then can you understand what success is, and the need to argue unnecessarily.

You should know about them if you want to do something good in life, want to be happy, be a loving vessel to everyone and learn a lot from them. Research shows that successful people have never won through argument, they have won real through work.

Failure to argue unnecessarily

Win not through arguments but through works: More questions, arguments, any talk or actions that are exaggerated are abusive habits. As a result of this, serious misconduct spreads among people, such as envy, self-esteem, bigotry, and even fatalities. Moreover, haram is halal and halal is haram. The biggest culprit among Muslims is the person who interrogates things that were not forbidden, but because of his interrogation, it is forbidden.

But do not engage in controversy. The arguing debate never benefits. Those who say less, are praised in the hadith. Less talk is an introduction to intelligence and knowledge. The one who says the least, can protect himself from many kinds of worthless things. It is also possible for him to avoid various sins such as gibbet, slander, lies, obscene speech, etc. And the most important thing is that successful people always say the least.

If you learn from other people’s lives, you can go far. Try to learn from the mistakes of others, when to make a mistake yourself, when or experience it and start again. Only time will be wasted. Instead, learn from the mistakes of others.

Research some successful people. Read their biography, try to understand deeply. Life is not easy for good people in this world, accept it, and go after temporary happiness rather than temporary happiness. The most important thing is always to think positively, keep up with good people.

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