Corona can be infected at home, the way to salvation ..

Corona can be infected at home

Corona can be infected at home :For example:

1. If it is not urgent, discourage family members from going out.

2. Be careful about the housekeeper or those coming from outside. They need to ensure cleanliness.

3. Wash the packets of liquid milk you bring home daily with detergent.

4. If the goods being brought from outside are unlikely to be cooked, leave them in one corner of the room. If there is a virus after 12-20 hours, it will die automatically.

5. Raw market, food, medicines, emergency services will continue.

6.The government has urged people not to come out without urgent need.

7. The required work of the office court will be carried out online.

8. Bangladesh Bank will instruct to continue banking system at limited size.

9. Bangladesh Armed Forces will assist the district administration to ensure social quarantine in the field. The District Magistrate will summon the Military Force as needed. They will work with the executive magistrates according to the CRPC.

10.If low-income people want to ‘return home’ Go to the village or go to Bhasanchar through the program. District administrators will take action.

Corona can be infected at home: The Chinese have already been able to understand the features of the virus.

11.After 20 minutes, drink hot liquid. Such as tea, coffee, soup, light hot water and so on.

12. Drink lemon or vinegar or salt with mild hot water daily.

13. It is best to wash the clothes used daily, and if not, keep them in the heat of the sun.

14. The virus is alive for 5 days in metallic substances. Remove any detergent from the handle, the handle of the fridge, door lock and so on.

15. Eat more leafy vegetables. Eat zinc-rich foods.

16. Avoid cold drinks and smoking Avoid a passenger or handshake with anyone.

17. If you experience a mild sore throat or an exception, Follow the instructions above more rigorously. Use these medicines immediately if you have a fever and do not go to the doctor immediately.


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