Corona Virus: Origin, Remedies and Precautions, What is the Corona Virus?

What is the Corona Virus?
What is the Corona Virus?

In many countries, including China, the Corona virus infection has created panic. So far 6 people have been reported. The number of victims is more than five hundred. The World Health Organization has already issued a warning. British media have released a special report on how dangerous the virus is and how it spreads.

What is the Corona Virus?

Another name for the corona virus is 25-NCOV. It’s a coronary virus. There are many different types of the virus, but only 1 can be infected in humans.

Scientists say the virus may already be ‘mutating’ inside human cells, that is, changing the structure and taking new forms and multiplying. As a result, it can become even more dangerous. Experts confirmed on Monday that the virus could spread from one human body to another.

How terrible this virus is

The virus infects the lungs of the human being and through the respiratory system it spreads from one body to another. Like the common flu or cold, the virus spreads through coughs and coughs. But as a result, Organ Failure or various body parts have the potential to cause degeneration, pneumonia and even death. By now two per cent of the victims have died, maybe more deaths. Also, there may be deaths that have not been identified. So just how horrible the virus is, it is still unclear.

What is the sign of the corona virus?

The main symptoms of corona virus infection are difficulty breathing, fever and  Scientists say that it takes about five days for the virus to show signs of infection after the virus is infected. The first symptom is fever. Then there is the dry cough. Respiratory problems occur within a week and then a patient has to be hospitalized. 

How the virus spread

The disease originated from Wuhan city in central China. On December 5, the first Chinese authorities alerted the World Health Organization to the outbreak of a pneumonia-like disease in the city. The first one died on January 5.

However, experts still could not confirm exactly how the infection began. They say it was probably the source of any animal. From the animal itself, the virus first enters a human body and then spreads from person to person. In the case of the SARS virus there is a record of entering the human body first from the bats and then from the sulfur. And the mars virus spread from camels.

Some marine animals such as the beluga whale can carry the corona virus. But chicken, bats, rabbits and snakes were sold in that market.

What is the treatment ?

No new vaccine or antidote has been discovered since the virus was new. There is not even a cure that can prevent the disease. The World Health Organization has already advised people to wash their hands regularly. They also suggested covering the nose and mouth during coughing and avoiding cold and flu-infected people. People in many parts of Asia have started wearing surgical masks.

Scientists say the current cure for the virus is to avoid contact with the virus. Doctors advise, wash hands frequently, do not touch the nose and mouth and wear a mask when out of the room.


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