We need to do something to prevent coronavirus

prevent coronavirus

prevent coronavirus: Coronavirus is the world’s biggest panic right now. Microorganisms. What is terrifying is its power. Animals at the top of the food chain, leaving people stunned by civilization and power all together. At the birth of my eldest son, ‘Ebola’ suffered greatly. Now the baby is doing Corona at birth.

Prevent coronavirus

Now let’s say something urgent.

First of all, scientific discussions.

The first thing you need to do to avoid any virus is to try to get into details. Not by sneezing, coughing or sneezing. So do not associate with an HIV patient, such as a virus-infected with air (such as coronas, Ebola, etc.). Try to avoid public transport. Try wearing a mask. Before touching anything you must keep in mind that there may be deadly germs. Handle any fever, colds, coughs, etc. with extra caution. Consult a doctor Do not go to medical results yourself.

If your child has a fever, do not send him to school. My son’s school rules (same for American schools) are not accepted to school unless he is free of fever for 24 hours. If the last fever was recorded at 8 am the previous day (in this case 1 degree Fahrenheit body temperature), then they would be able to go to school after 9 am the next morning. The school does not bother about this. To prevent fraud, a doctor’s letter is to be submitted to the school. Along with the parent’s signature letter or e-mail that they know their child was ill. The school authorities in our country also need to relax.

Scientific discussions

In addition, if a student gets a fever at school, he or she is immediately sent back home. Efforts are made to keep school-college flu-free through the joint venture of the teacher-guardian. If you are sick yourself, do not go to the office. You can get the flu from someone in the office. Maybe you will survive. The one who is attacked may not survive. So never take such a risk. In this case, the bosses of the office must relax a little. For their own benefit.

If you see someone in the office having a fever/cold/cough, then you must talk at least five feet away. Don’t pull near. Whatever he touches, he will touch, informed. Don’t forget to touch them. Disinfect with sanitizer. The first foreign colleges in this country were very shocked at such behavior. It seemed as if someone from the untouchable community of the racist society would touch me. But later I realized, I will not pay his hospital bills, I will not take care of them even if his young orphans. Take care of yourself, that’s what they are doing.

Scientific discussions

It is very normal to see pregnant women or newborn babies. If you have fever, colds, coughs on your own or in your family, do not go to see the baby, no matter what your relatives. Inform the parents of the child that no one is ill at home. Pregnant women may also have an abortion due to the flu. So if you have a fever, you should go to the hospital emergency. Meanwhile the newborn baby is very weak. They say that they do not have immunity. In that case, touching, kissing and inhaling your baby can cause fatal infections. Be a little responsible for yourself. You can express your love for your baby without taking a nap. Do that. Do not touch the newborn in any case without disinfecting your hands (do not sanitizer or soap).

Maintain cleanliness. Clean your hands with soap after eating or not, take at least twenty to thirty seconds for a good meal before washing and disinfecting with soap and then eat the food. In the flu season, you must know for sure and eat. Don’t eat foods that have no idea about them. Do not confront the restaurant’s food without having to make sure that the restaurant’s cook has washed his hands or the kitchen is very clean, there is no rat-cockroach bus. Eating open food is not a question. It would be best if you eat home-cooked food. It’s in your control. The Hadith says, “If any of the cities heard of the plague, do not go there. And if your city is plagued by pestilence, do not go out of it. ‘ (Al-Bukhaari (5739) and Muslim [2219])

Scientific discussions

When this hadith was written, people were even more helpless against the virus. Could not identify who had been, who had not. Therefore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) has ordered that nothing should be spread about the virus. The Chinese government has made the right decision. The whole city was shut down. Not letting anyone in, not going out. Unless you are a physician, or a nurse, or a member of their rescue team, please do not rush to see just the joke in those places. Through you, the virus will enter your home, your city. prevent coronavirus

When Europeans discovered America, they infected European diseases with their bodies. More than half of the American indigenous population was killed by the virus. The virus is so terrible. Take a short break from the history of the bubonic plague, Spanish influenza, etc. If these epidemics occur in this age, more than a million people will be cleared. It is doubtful whether so many people will die if World War III is stopped. Many countries around the world are removing their citizens from the cities. Of course, they are being filtered out through medical screening. America removed its citizens, Germany removed, France and Japan did. More than four hundred citizens of Bangladesh were trapped there. Our government also brought most of them back to the Haj camp.

They will be released from the Hajj camp after a certain time by filtering through medical screening. If anyone is injured, they will be treated there. In my opinion, this is the right decision. Because, if we enter the densely populated country like our country, disaster will come down. We are unable to prevent dengue, the more distant the Corona, the more frightening it is. prevent coronavirus


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