Benefits of Regular Dates Eating

Regular Dates Eating

Regular Dates Eating: Narrated from Hazrat Ayesha. Hazrat Rasulullah (pbuh) said, “Certainly, Alia (village of Medina) Azwa is a cure for dates eating diseases and an early morning antidote.” – Sahih Muslim

Introduction to date

The word copper or apricot appears several times in the Qur’an and the Prophet’s message. Palm is one of the most familiar fruits of ours. And palm is one of the popular fruits. The palm is commonly called the royal fruit. Not only for its unparalleled taste and smell, but also for its reputation as a cure for palm. A palm is enough for you to relieve your fatigue all day long. Holy Ramadan in the morning and Ramadan with palm iftar is a special blessing of God for the believing Muslims. After fasting all day, we usually start iftar after eating dates. It is circumcised for believers and Muslims to break their dates with palm. Therefore, in Ramadan, the date of the date palm increases slightly. If it is not dates, our Iftar will not be perfected.

We all know that circumcision is eating well, eating palm. And in this circumcision there are all kinds of goodness within the blessed. And in our holy Hadith Sharif, many of the palm-trees and qualities of date-palm are mentioned. Yet, many scientists of the present day hadith shareef have done many studies on palm in the light of them and have learned about palm fruit. The study says they are a fruit rich in nutrient rich palm herbs. Eating dates all year long is very good for your health.

Palm Nutrition:

It is generally said that the number of days in the year, the date has more qualities than the date. Usually every 5 grams of fresh and fresh apricots contain a large amount of vitamin C from which they produce 25 calories of energy, 5 grams of carbohydrates, 2.5 grams of protein and 1.7 grams of fat. In addition to important antioxidants, it is an important vitamin ingredient to match. In addition, amino acids are sufficient to match. Palm contains a small amount of water, which does not affect drying. In general, ripe dates contain about 5 percent sugar content. The rest of the body contains minerals rich in boron, cobalt, manganese, selenium fluorine, magnesium, and zinc.

 Also, date palm flowers are useful. If you want to make sauté with flower buds or dried fish or dried chutney with dried fruit, you can eat it with bread.

Origin of date palm

There are more than 450 varieties of palm found all over the world. Generally, the date of the date of the date of the date of the palm of Turkey, Iraq, and western Morocco in northern Africa dates from ancient times. The palm is mentioned more than fifty times in the Holy Bible. In Islamic countries, it is unacceptable to keep date items in Iftar in the holy month of Ramadan. 

The medicinal virtues of date palm Benefits of Palm Food and Nutrition

There are many messages from the Prophet (peace be upon him) about the benefits of dates. Irshad said, ‘The person who eats seven palm dates in the morning will not do any poison and magic damage on that day. Azwa date palm is the best quality palm of Madinah. ‘ -Sahih Bokhari and Muslim. The health of dates can not be terminated as useful. Due to the abundance of natural fibers in the date palm, its benefits and importance are immense. Feeding the palm three, five or seven unmatched is most beneficial to the body. This is why the hadith has been mentioned in odd numbers. What is palm, that we eating dates so seriously? Let’s quickly learn about palm fruit.

1) Keeps the brain active : One of the biggest benefits of date palms is that it keeps the brain alive. This palm is capable of providing enough energy to our tired body.

2) To prevent glucose deficiency: Normally during the month of Ramadan, fasting is required for glucose in the body as the stomach is empty. The palm helps to fill it quickly.

3) To prevent constipation: Constipation is relatively strong by soaking the dates of the palm slightly stronger (all night) by consuming water on an empty stomach.

4) Pregnant mothers food: A good diet of dates for mothers who are usually pregnant or pregnant for 6 months. During this time, pregnant mothers have many weaknesses in their body. The palm helps the mother overcome this weakness and plays a helpful role in preventing excess bleeding from the mother’s body and palm after delivery, and the palm plays an effective role in increasing the breast milk for the baby’s nutrients after childbirth.

5) Prevention of Cancer: The palm of our stomach fight against cancer of the internal organs. It is also effective in preventing cervical cancer.

6) Prevention of heart problems: It is very useful for those who have heart problems, especially itching . Because palms are capable of strengthening a weak heart. Every morning, people who suffer from heart problems will get a good solution by playing palm blended juice on an empty stomach.

7) To prevent indigestion: Itching helps to mix the redness of our mouth well with food. As a result, our indigestion often goes away. Itching plays a very effective role in reducing heart disease.

8) To prevent weakness: We need energy to keep our body and mind active and functioning. Lack of it disrupts our physical growth, weakens our body and creates mental exhaustion. In these cases, sugars serve as a source of national food energy. And these palm sugars serve as a significant source of food energy as national food.

9) Prevention of limbs: If you want to improve your health, you can mix it with homemade fried palm rice. This will double your taste in mouth. Increase your interest in food.

10) Essential Ingredients : Palm contains the required amount of oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and magnesium which are very important for good health.

11 To keep the heart healthy: Our healthy heart does not have a pair of date palm as a powerful or invigorating medicine that provides comfort and refreshment to the body.

Herbal herbs of palm

1) Sporadic disease: Usually this disease occurs if there is erosion of the meadows. The disease is named differently at different ages. Usually children with this disease are called rackets, if they are newborns, they are called dry yarn. Boys and girls in the age group of 3-5 years dry up. In these cases you can do one thing, soak 5-20 grams apricots, boil them in 5 cups of water and reduce the amount of one and a half cup and feed for 3-5 days.

2) Venus secretion loss: Usually those who do not tolerate sunshine and have weakness in wife cohabitation as well as constipation, if they regularly mix 1 to 20 grams of dates with half a liter of water and 5 ml liters of milk, mix well and reduce to one cup. Drinking that juicy water will benefit.

3) Cough cough: Usually people with cough cough if they ignore it or do not take it seriously; However, there may be major types of cancer. In this case you can do one thing: 20-20 grams pinned dates, soak in water for 2 and a half hours in warm water. Wake up in the morning to eat that palm-like pudding. This way you will feel comfortable coughing for at least 7 days.


Palm is generally more nutritious than any other fruit. This is God’s special mercy to us. You can keep this fruit in the daily food list not just for the month of Ramadan but for the family all year long. This will keep both your body and mind healthy. Palm Beach plays a vital role in curing diseases. When used as an itchy scalp, the teeth are usually clean. Moreover, pollen pollen from the palm flowers plays a crucial role in eliminating the infertility of the sperm.


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