Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks –Overcome fear

Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation

If students were asked – “What would be best if there was no such thing in Student Life?”, Then the answer everyone would give is – “Exam.” Eighteen-year-old adventurers like the poet Sukanto are also scared to face the test.Fear of the test is a very normal business. Adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress hormones, which release the emotional stress that people experience during the test. That’s why our fear of the test actually begins. When the phobia is much higher than normal, it can show many harmful symptoms. For example – depression, restlessness, lack of attention, forgetting about the test, nausea etc.

Here are some tips to avoid, because HSC Exam…

  • Meditation: Meditation or meditation is very effective in relieving instability. Meditation will relieve anxiety and cool the brain and increase attention. In addition to meditation, Breathing Exercise (also called Dharmachara or Pranayama) is equally rewarding.
  • Self-confidence: The biggest cause of test fear is lack of confidence. Many times the test is bad only because of good preparation and lack of confidence. Therefore, the test will be the first weapon against fear – a positive attitude towards oneself.
  • Sleep: The night before the exam, the fear of the test went to the climax of Everest. It would seem – alas! I can’t do anything Then we quickly read everything and let the sleep dissipate. Think about it – what happens if you don’t sleep one night? This is but a big mistake. Naturally, a person needs seven to eight hours of sleep. For this reason, good sleep is required on the night before the test.
  • Food: During the test, our daily routine changes. Which also has an effect on eating. This diet, in many ways, controls our fears. Because the food we receive directly affects our mental state. Instead of high-protein foods, we should be consuming carbohydrates and fiber foods.
  • Reduce time on social media Social media: has now become a part of our daily lives. We can not eliminate it even if we want to. But before the test, we should reduce the activity on social media and concentrate on studying. Social media cannot be taken to the level of addiction.
  • Plan according to the routine: As the Exam Routine is published, collect the routine. Look at how long the gap is in the middle of a test. Accordingly, prepare your test preparation plan. If we think a little differently, experimenting is an opportunity to prove ourselves. So, let’s begin your journey to conquering the fear of the test.


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