Here are 17 tips for taking beautiful photos or poses

17 tips for taking beautiful photos
17 tips for taking beautiful photos

At present, selfie or photo shoot has become a habit of sharing pictures on social media to people of all ages. This trend is not only prevalent among young people, but also among older people. The importance of poses is great for a beautiful portrait image. A good pose on a picture of good composition will make your picture more attractive. There are also many people who do not want to take pictures because they do not look good, avoid the camera in the usual manner. There are some techniques for posing well in front of the camera. Today let us know those tips.

Each period has its own unique characteristics. Various things can be seen throughout the ages. As it is now, the era of Facebook, Instagram. And giving pictures there is now a day job. There is nothing bad about it. Who does not want to share his beautiful picture with friends? Therefore, we also post pictures of wedding, home invitations, seating, and even sitting at the reading table. In addition to beautiful pictures, I occasionally give pictures of other friends’ funny moments. But there are times when many pictures were taken, but not exactly one. If that is the case, say no. So today, let’s know a few tips on taking pictures.

1. Lighting: It is very important to take care of the light in the picture. The best picture comes in natural or daylight. However, from 5 pm to 2 pm, the light is not good. In the morning and afternoon, the bright orange light is best pictured. When photographing indoors, try taking pictures at the window or next door so that natural light is available. If not possible try to avoid fluorescent lighting.

2. Composition: Take a good look at the surroundings while taking pictures. Anything unnecessary so that it doesn’t come into the picture. Take a look at the Eye Level. It will make the eyes float a lot and cannot be understood if there is a double chin. If you want a slightly artistic or slimming effect, take a photo from the side where the shadow is on the face. Rule of Third: Divide the picture frame into three parts. Then place yourself in the first 1/4 or 2/3 of the frame. The picture will look good. Notice the image below.

3. Frame: Before taking a picture, imagine the frame. The picture looks good if there is a geometric pattern in the frame. Try bringing another frame into the picture frame. It could be a door, a window, or two trees beside it. Instead of taking a selfie in one hand, take a picture with two hand cameras. In this case, your hand will act as a frame.

4. Background: Be careful about the background of the picture. You can put a wall in the backyard if you take pictures. Many of us like to take pictures in front of the dressing table, so be careful that the table is not dirty and that the appearance of your room is not mirrored in the mirror. And don’t forget to take a picture in the bathroom mirror. This is not a pleasant thing at all. Try taking pictures outside to convey a story inside the picture. If there is a landscaped place, try to picture it as just you and nature. Wait if you need to. However, an event such as a fair, concert hall is different.

5. Pose or poses: When taking pictures, do not look directly at the camera, turn the neck slightly or lift your head slightly down. It will make the eyes look bigger.

6. Think of something new: Who has to say that you have to take pictures in a traditional way! Do not take pictures of the whole eye, but only the eye. The eyes speak the mind. Or a picture of a moment floating in the water.

7. If you have a habit of beating your eyes while taking a picture, keep your eyes closed for a moment before taking a picture, slowly opening your eyes before clicking the camera.

8 . Those who have a double chin, extend the neck while taking pictures and bring the head to the front and press the chin downward. It may make you uncomfortable but look really good.

9 . “See if your makeup matches the skin,” said Fiona Stiles, a celebrity makeup artist. If your foundation is pale, then it must be understood in the picture when the flash is on your skin when taking pictures.

10 . By looking at some of your good pictures, try to understand why you like these pictures. Next, take those things in mind when taking pictures.

11. Use cheek blush, light pink blush will make your face look good.

12. Stand on one side without turning straight towards the camera and turn your head towards the camera. This will show you Slim.

13. Do not stand directly under the light while taking a photo, which may cause shadow on the face. Stand in front of natural light, such as in front of a window or in a place where soft light will come to your face.

14. Wear bright colors when taking pictures. Keep a close eye on the cloth, especially around the mouth. Sometimes black looks good too. However, bright colors and even white ones can look nice.

15. Take a laugh or a joke with a photographer while taking a picture. This will bring a clear picture.

16. There is no direct sunlight just behind the contents. The picture may turn black.

17.Children’s pictures, “at their own moment” are good.


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