Ramadan Fitness Tips

Ramadan Fitness Tips
Ramadan Fitness Tips

Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Fitness Tips

To keep you up to speed on the fast and since there is no time to read or know so much on the fasting day, here are 5 simple fitness tips. First, learn some tips for eating fast food.

1. Avoid Sehri Eating: It is not ok to eat Sehri at all, firstly, Sehri is circumcised. Without Sehri, the body can become weak Many people think that once, if playing at Iftar, will lose weight But it will reverse, it will weaken the body, will not lose weight, but will increase Besides if the Sehri is not consumed, the metabolism is changed and the body’s stored energy is lost, resulting in fatigue and fasting in the body. Eat Sehri even if you have trouble Eat a little water, fruit or milk

2. Eat foods containing milk and potassium in Sehri. Because potassium holds water in the body, controls blood pressure and reduces weakness. Milk provides nutrients throughout the day and does not feel hungry as it takes time to digest. Foods containing potassium can be dates, vegetables, bananas, etc.

3. Eat a calorie meal like any other time. Like the other times, eat a small amount in moderation during Ramadan, such as Iftar, eat a little dinner afterward, and eat in Sehri. Iftar, dinner and sehri will eat this three belly Don’t skip eating anytime soon Then you can become weak In the month of Ramadan, calories should be eaten in moderation, as usual, with normal dietary calories according to their physical needs.

4. Do not eat foods containing sugar and foods. We don’t need them in our body, we need to eliminate sugar-rich foods Because it raises the levels of sugar (insulin) in the blood too soon, it temporarily weakens the brain, but later becomes stagnant and looks powerless. Many foods, such as sweets, salsa, jalapin, etc. are consumed daily, but they are high in sugar and calorie-rich. Do not eat them daily You can eat one day a week.

5. Follow the rules as of other times. That means your news plate will have 20% sugar, 20% sugar, 5% vegetables per main meal.

6. Junk food, high in calories, skip fried foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits and more nutritious foods. Pay attention to the nutrient requirements of the body and the way you eat clean foods. Put more fatty foods on the list of foods. Because in the month of Ramadan usually everyone suffers from digestive problems.

Here are some general rules of exercise:

Exercise tips: Ramadan Fitness Tips
1. Do not start any new exercise during Ramadan. Because new exercises require a lot of time and mental energy, which may not be possible during the fast

2. Exercise according to your fitness. Keep exercising the rules as you would, but reduce the time. For example, if you usually exercise for more than an hour or less, reduce it to 5 minutes. Those who do weight training, either reduce repetition or reduce one set. Even if you can exercise daily during the week, do it one day at a time.

3. If you do not want to do cardio, do yoga exercises or freehand exercises, so that the whole body exercises. Or do a little body toning with the rest of the cardio.

4. If you are thinking about when to exercise, then it may be a good time for Sehri, at least an hour after Iftaar, or after Tarabi prayers.

Many people feel that it is not possible to follow some fitness rules, because fasting can not be controlled. But that is not right, because you worry, will you maintain your fitness and adhere to it a little hard? Or give up on yourself and ruin your fitness, so maybe you have to start all over again.

Remember, you need to eat moderately, eat healthy and nutritious meals, stay active, and continue regular exercise regularly to stay healthy. Fasting month can be a month of restraint and worship

May Allah bless you all with the beautiful and proper fasting



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