How do Police track smartphones?

police track smartphones
police track

Police track smartphones: Police or intelligence agency tracking cell phones to find criminals. According to the prevailing law, only law enforcement agencies have the validity of mobile tracking. In most cases, it is decided to track the cellphone to ascertain the whereabouts of the suspected criminals. According to the prevailing rules, the police use cell mobile phone operators while tracking in our country. Police ask the operators to find out the caller’s record number, registration number and latest location of the potential culprit. It is not too late to identify the offender’s number if he is registered. Apart from the number he has contacted in the last number, it is possible to know about the culprit. It is also possible to confirm the location of criminals by using a live tracking system from a satellite of the country. 

It can also be tracked if the offender puts his mobile phone in airplane mode. The cellphone operating system has two aspects. One aspect that connects to the phone and the network, the other is the phone’s user interface. Whatever the user interface, the phone is in airplane mode, it still receives a ping from the network. And even if you want a network, important location information can be taken over the phone. And when the phone is on, Force 2G is turned on. Because 2G encryption is very weak, the police can easily get more information from that phone.

GPS tracking on the phone is a lot more helpful when it comes to cellphone tracking. If the perpetrator uses a smartphone and has GPS installed on it, the task of the police becomes much easier. With GPS, it is possible to get the location of the phone without contacting the cell operator.

Police have some system set up through which they track location with access to the phone’s GPS. But the police in different countries have adopted GPS tracking using different methods. Larger countries have direct satellite access, making them easier to access.

How hackers track phones: Police track smartphones

Not only criminals but ordinary people’s mobile can be tracked. And hackers can do it. Hackers usually track phones for privacy reasons. Not only that, after tracking they can take control of everything including phone call records, messages, contact list, email, bank account, online account, etc. Which the user will not receive. The hacker basically tricks the user into installing malware on his phone.  Hackers can inject this malware by email, from the website, by making a fax call, or physically at the user’s phone. Again the user may download the app for other purposes and may also be hacking.

Ways to prevent hackers from tracking cell phones: Police track smartphones

1. Security lock can be used on the phone to prevent cellphone hacking. Also known as a screen lock. The reason may be that the hacker installed malware on the user’s phone.

2. The phone will never be routed. This is because such apps often demand root access over the phone to work.

3. No unwanted mail or messages can be opened. If there is a link or attachment in the mail, you cannot click on it. The mail must be verified thoroughly before opening.

4. Avoid downloading an app from any source other than the Google Play Store. And before installing the app on the phone or installing apps, you need to check the permissions of the installed apps and whether they are demanding permissions.


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