7 Healthy Foods That Will Improve Your Performance


Healthy Foods: Sitting at the desk can make you hungry.  You may feel relaxed when doing something that is boring.  Toward the end of the work the idle, sluggish can even get you to sleep.  Many eat junk food in the afternoon to speed up the work. Such eating is harmful to health.

Healthy Foods

1.  Eggs: Eggs contain high levels of protein.  By eating eggs in the morning breakfast, you will gain strength during the day.  Eggs, vitamins, minerals and proteins will provide long-lasting energy.

2.  Grain bread: Grain bread is very beneficial for health.  It contains high levels of fiber, vitamin E and vitamin B complex.  You will have the energy to work longer.  You can eat as a brunch meal (eating breakfast and lunch together).  It will eliminate the sluggishness of the body.

3.  Pomelo: Delicious and fresh fruit Pomelo can be eaten at any time of day.  This juicy fruit, rich in vitamin C, phytonutrients and folate, prevents disease and provides instantaneous energy to the body.

5.  Kiwi fruit: Playing kiwi fruit as a salad at lunch will relieve body fatigue.  After eating, sleep will be lost.  Kiwi contains copper and vitamin C that keep the body active.

5.  Hemp seeds: Add hemp seeds to the diet chart.  It contains omega-3 fatty acids which increase the body’s immunity and help in energy production.  Dust some coriander seeds and place them in a container.  Sprinkle hemp seeds in the food to enhance the taste and health.

6.  Berry Fruit: Berry contains lots of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.  Playing this nutrient-rich fruit will keep you physically and mentally active throughout the day.

7.  Protein Bar: When the body feels tired, chew the protein bar.  It is best to eat it when you are sleeping during the office.  It will bring strength to the body.  You can eat as an afternoon snack.  But never eat hungry immediately after returning home.


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