Removing Scratches on smartphones Domestic method

removing scratches on smartphones

Removing scratches on smartphones: Your newly purchased hobby smartphone is in the pocket. You care enough about the mobile. But because of the hectic busyness, one day went wrong. The pocket in which you placed the mobile phone, accidentally dropped the key in your car. When you got out of the busy, took out the mobile, the key to a pocket and the punishment of keeping the mobile was the object of your hobby. Numerous tricks on the smartphone display, which are no longer an easy departure.

The only way to remove this stain from the iPhone, Android smartphone or any other mobile is to change the screen of the mobile. For example, if your device is Apple and you have Apple Care, it will cost you $ 20 to replace this screen. Which is about 2, 5 bucks in Bangladesh? And if your warranty expires, you will need to count around $ 120 to $ 6, which is about Tk 5,000 to Bangladeshi money.

Such stains are created by rubbing the phone screen; So you should not think about spending so much money to remove the scrap that comes with rubbing or falling off. However, you can easily remove these stains by using some household materials. Today’s report on some of these methods. However, before using these methods it is important to turn off your smartphone or device. Current smartphones do not have the opportunity to drain the battery. But if the battery is open, try to unplug it. And headphones, chargers or other ports through which any fluid can easily penetrate, must be carefully taped or otherwise closed.

Removing scratches on smartphones


The beginning and end of our day come with this object. You can use it to tease the display of mobiles with this accessible object. However, gelatinous toothpaste cannot be used to tease. Stain with toothpaste. First, apply a soft paste on cotton, soft cloth or cornbread head. Then gently rub it in the area where the cramp is. After rubbing, the stains should rise. Then remove the excess paste from the phone screen again with a wet cloth. This method is not only a smartphone display but also works well for your handheld smartwatch display or camera lens.

Headgear paper

Head paper. Headgear paper is used to smooth anything. But the headwind series paper on the hand or rubbing paper will not work as well. On the contrary, there is a greater risk of getting used to elimination. However, if the sharpening of the hand falls somewhere or, if the stain is not normal, then the paper is very useful. So if it’s not necessary, it’s best not to use it. Good quality and smooth lead paper should be used very carefully when using it.

Baking soda

Using baking soda is a great way to remove scratches. But to follow it, you still have to be careful. Because you certainly don’t want to, soaking up the scratch and soaking your smartphone in the water! Baking soda does not take just cooking! In a container, mix two baking soda and one part of clear water until well mixed. The subsequent use is similar to that of toothpaste. The mixture made with a clean soft cloth should be applied to scratch and rub gently with another soft cloth. If the scratch on your device is not too deep, then removing the scratch using baking soda is not as complicated.

Baby powder

The use of baby powder is similar to that of baking soda. Likewise, paste and apply on scratch. However, the same precautions must be taken when using baby powder. Keep in mind that water or paste may not reach the inside of your smartphone in any way.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oils, which can be used as temporary solutions, can be used in small and hidden areas. Wiping the oil on a teaspoon quickly removes it as a cosmetic fix. There should be more caution in the case of vegetable oil. Because so far it was all about the use of pasteurized substances, but this time, the tips are quite fluid.

Eggs and potassium aluminum sulfate

The substances that have been called for so long are very easy to collect. However, potassium aluminum sulfate is harder to obtain than that. And to follow this procedure you will need eggs, synthetic fabrics, aluminum foil and potassium aluminum sulfate. First, heat the egg white and aluminum sulfate in a container and heat it to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Then soak that synthetic cloth in warm eggs and aluminum sulfate solution. Heat the soaked cloth in an aluminum foil at 4 degrees Celsius in the oven until the cloth is completely dry. Once the cloth is dry, rinse it out in the oven for 20 or 5 seconds. Do the same thing at least three times and let the cloth dry in the air for 3 hours. Now, you can use that cloth to wipe the screen of your smartphone.

However, the use of toothpaste and baking soda is the safest way to lighten the screen of a device like a smartphone. And it is better not to use substances such as mustard paper or baking soda in the touch of a camera lens. In that case, the safest thing is toothpaste. And even if you can’t remove the stains using these methods, no other road is open for you without changing the screen. Although there are some rumors going on in addition to these smartphones. removing scratches on smartphones

For example, for many, it is possible to scrub with an eraser, petroleum jelly or coconut oil used to remove stains or pencil stains. In fact, it is not possible to remove the scars or stains using them. Coconut oil or petroleum jelly will lubricate your mobile display. Using banana peel has shown that banana peel is not for this purpose. The eraser to erase pencil stains actually works occasionally to remove anything, and rubber does not have the ability to remove the grime. So adopting these approaches is only a waste of time and a part of the rumor.


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