Here are ways to prevent the virus

Don’t install an app you don’t know: If you haven’t eaten, don’t install a stranger app without eating anything. Currently hackers send messages to install their created app via email, massage etc. which you do not know about COR is that you will not be able to install it. This hacker will get all your information through this app

Prevent the virus

Install the app from Google Play or the Trusted App Store: Where do you usually buy food?  From the pavement or from a store in the fridge to keep it safe?  Definitely from the safe shop.  Download such apps from Google Play or secure from any app store (not worse than the Amazon App Store) They check each app separately.  So naturally the App Store is much safer.

Read the permissions before installing the app: This is the best way to avoid unwanted apps.  This app will be able to access the keys of your device when you read the permissions.  If you think it wants access to something that has nothing to do with it, it’s better not to install this app.  And if your device wants to access its contacts, account information, consider once you install.

Can install Antivirus: On An mobile using Antivirus.  Many do not.  What should you do  I will say that if you install everything from Google Play or Verified App Store then you do not have to install Antivirus.  Google Play scans each app accurately.  However, you can install Antivirus for additional precautions.

 Keep “Install from unknown sources” – off of your mobile. Install from unknown sources means that the app can be installed from anywhere other than the Verified App Store. But many of the securities are at risk. Keep Verify Apps Mark This will make sure your device is self-assured about the app before installing any app.

Before installing the app read the permissions well then install it. This is one of the best ways to avoid being an Unwanted App. This app will be able to access the keys of your device when you read the permissions. If you think it wants access to something that has nothing to do with it, it’s better not to install those apps.

It is difficult to know what kind of file it is because of not knowing the file format of mobile. So if there is little doubt about a file, it is better not to open the file. Bluetooth is currently being used as a popular data exchange medium on mobile. It is through this Bluetooth that the virus is able to spread the most and quickly.

So it’s best to turn off the bluetooth tooth option. This will prevent the virus from coming to your device unknowingly. Also be careful about data transfer from Bluetooth to other devices. It is possible to prevent the virus by checking security updates. There are many viruses that automatically create files one by one with different names. By accidentally opening these files, the virus spreads to the entire phone.

But if you know about the format of this file, it is possible to be careful about using the file. For this reason, be aware of information about security updates on the websites of various security organizations. Some security companies have already released the mobile antivirus into the market. Examples like – Semantics, McAfee, F-Secure. Currently some mobile phones are provided with such security software. Scan the computer virus while exchanging data from the computer.


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