Here are 5 ways to keep a laptop cool.

laptop cool.

laptop cool. Due to the rapid spread of technology in the present day, people are sometimes attracted to smaller machines and sometimes to larger machines.  However, if you look at the computer buying market in the last few years, it is found that among those who buy computers for personal use, there is a higher tendency to buy laptops from desktop computers.  This is especially true among students and new careers.  Even nowadays many gamers are more interested in buying gaming laptops from desktop computers as they are easier to carry. However, one of the biggest and frustrating problems faced with using a laptop from a desktop computer is that the laptop gets heated very quickly.  It is also very annoying as well as the disadvantages because the effect of the laptop overheat when it is above the various parts.  This means that the parts are likely to be destroyed very quickly.  However, compared to a desktop computer, the laptop has to get quite a bit of velocity.  However, here are 5 ways to keep the laptop cool.

1.Always keep the laptop clean
 For those of us who live in Dhaka, this dust is a matter of course.  From here, the road to the house is full of dust.  Even in the most elite areas of Dhaka city you will find dust.  And it is quite natural that if a large amount of dust is accumulated on the laptop, then the cooling fan that cools the laptop may not work properly, so the laptop can be heated more.  No matter how much you keep the house clean, little dust will enter the laptop.
 So you can buy a compressed air bottle to get rid of this problem easily.  With Compressed Air, you can clean the dirty places by taking the laptop off.  If you can open the laptop panel, you can better clean the dirty space with compressed air.  But if the laptop has a warranty, be careful about opening the panel.  Again, no air should be thrown so that any part of the laptop is destroyed.  After cleaning with Compressed Air, with some dry cotton…

2.  Place the laptop table or any other parallel
In fact, if you use a laptop on a table or in a parallel location, the chances of heating the laptop are greatly reduced.  However, it is very difficult because most people buy laptops comfortably for use in bed or on foot.  But if you want to prevent the laptop from heating up, you must skip this habit.
 The most suitable place to keep a laptop is to be parallel and tough, even if kept in a parallel but soft place, the laptop will get hot.  However, it is not ok to use it on a laptop floor or any lower floor, but because it is parallel, it will cause dirt inside the laptop.  So always try to use the table.

3.  Using Coolers for Laptops
 We all know that the easiest way to prevent a laptop from heating up is to use a cooler.  Due to the laptop’s tight design, it is very natural for a laptop to be heated, as it is not possible to give the necessary parts to the laptop to keep it cool because of the small space.  So it is necessary to arrange for cooling from the outside.  There are many types of laptop coolers available in the market.  Laptop Cooler is a device with a fan inside a parallel stand to hold the laptop.  Keeping the cooler underneath the laptop no matter where you use it, it provides air from the back of the laptop so the laptop is cold.  And they work well enough.

 4.  Changing the laptop’s settings
 While this may sound a little different, it is true that you can change the settings of the laptop to keep the laptop cool.  But all you need to do is make sure that your laptop has the ability to do the quality games you play or buy the laptop for work.  Also check the laptop drivers regularly…

5.  Regular maintenance and battery / charger management Laptops, like other electronic components, are not made for a lifetime.  Like all other devices, all the components inside the laptop also work for a certain lifetime.  Therefore, regular care must be taken.  Laptops will be cool if they are regularly cleaned and taken care of in other parts.  Another thing to keep in mind is to not misuse the batteries and chargers.  Laptops are very quickly damaged due to high charges. On most laptops, the charging jack is mounted on the front of the motherboard, so it can be damaged if you charge more.  If the charge plug is always plugged in, the charging jack is lost.  And when the battery is charged than when the laptop is not charged, the laptop is much hotter.  So after trying all the work should be done when the laptop is not used when charging.  And it is very important, otherwise not to charge during use.  If it complies, your laptop will be cold.laptop cool.


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