Discover ten great life hacks on smartphones

life hacks on smartphones
life hacks

Life hacks on smartphones:Hope everyone is well. Friends today I will talk to you about ten amazing life hacking tips on smartphones you have never seen before. You may be surprised at these techniques. These techniques are a lot of fun and a lot of work.

The way to normalize when a phone suddenly hangs

It’s normal to hang up the phone. As the pressure on the phone’s RAM and processor increases, the phone hangs slowly. Many times the phone’s System UI or Google Play Service Respond does not respond, but your phone hangs fast.And the most effective way to quickly fix a phone from that hang is to place the hanging phone immediately on the charge. Then you will see that your phone will be fine again. But yes, if your phone hangs up because of no Software Respond, then this method will not work at all for your phone.

Phone is a quick way to charge

There is no efficient way to charge the phone the fastest. There is only one effective way to charge fastest fastest. That is to switch the phone to Airplane Mode and turn it on.A special test showed that, usually the phone takes up to 15% of the total time it takes to charge, the phone can be charged 40-50% less quickly than Airplane Mode. So you can apply Airplane Mode to your phone hacks on smartphones

One way to get rid of naughty ads in the app

But first of all, the home that has Wi-Fi will only get this benefit. Mobile data users will by no means enjoy this feature. This way mobile data users will not work.If you switch the phone to Airplane Mode when running an app over Wi-Fi, the annoying ads that come in between the app will no longer appear. This way you can easily get rid of annoying ads.

Bring a “Recycle Bin” for a computer-like phone

Well have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Recycle Bin like the PC on the phone? But actually I know everyone will say yes, that would have been nice.Because once deleted on the phone, it is impossible to undo it, which is why we lose a lot of our important things by mistake.. But from now on, that problem will be no more. You can now get the benefits of Recycle Bin through a Third-Party App.

The app called Dumpster will act as a Recycle Bin for your phone. Whenever you make a mistake or wish to delete something, Dumpster will let you know that Dumpster has submitted that file.If you do not need it the next time, you can remove it from Dumpster as well. And if you need it again, you can bring it back.


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